Medium Of Instruction Essay

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Chapter 1
Medium of instruction is the way through which information is exchanged among individuals. Language plays a pivotal role in conveying instruction to all level. For better understanding and transferring information that language is preferred which is easily understandable for the specific audience. For better communication a person should have command on medium of instruction used in his area. Learning process keenly include expertise on the certain medium of instruction to communicate and study properly. ‘A medium of instruction is the most direct agent of maintaining and revitalizing a culture as well as power (re)distribution and social reconstruction’ (Tsui, 2004)
Medium of instruction is a controversial issue in
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• To find out better medium of instruction for Communication Studies department as this department is directly linked with media.

1.2.2 Significance and Scope
This study will be helpful for the educationist and system setters of the universities to set such medium which is highly suitable for the students learning and understanding. Future researchers will also find ease in continuing their research and carry on with the developments of the results. It will also support the students and teachers for better communication and proper learning. This could also improve the academic achievements of the student and confidence of teachers among students.

Chapter: 2
Literature Review:
9: The researcher Naveed Shahzad and Sadia Sajjad in January 2013 explored the problems and hurdles faced by the students regarding English as a medium of instruction. They took a sample of the university students and did survey to find out the majority opinion of the students and teachers. They found out that the students who are not linked with a high class background and are not that intelligent, consider English as a wrong medium of instruction. While the students and teachers with English medium schooling and elite background consider English as a right medium for their

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