Importance Of Medium Of Instruction In Pakistan

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION: Medium of instruction is the way through which information is exchanged among individuals. Language plays a pivotal role in conveying instruction to all level. For better understanding and transferring information that language is preferred which is easily understandable for the specific audience. For better communication a person should have command on medium of instruction used in his area. Learning process keenly include expertise on the certain medium of instruction to communicate and study properly. ‘A medium of instruction is the most direct agent of maintaining and revitalizing a culture as well as power (re)distribution and social reconstruction’ (Tsui, 2004) Medium of instruction is a controversial issue in most of the countries where different educational system are followed at the same time. It is the one which makes learning easy or difficult for students. Till the year United States become the world power, English turn out to be the international language. And from that day, most of the countries, especially the third world countries have bilingual medium of education which gave birth to the discussion that which medium is suitable for the students for better learning and successful career. Since the birth of the Pakistan, we are in dilemma for medium of instruction, as to which medium of instruction is best for the intellectual, social and psychological development of our nation. (Perveen, 2006-07) Pakistan is a multilingual country and

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