Essay On Mentoring

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An efficient and effective professional development for mentors supports the motivation and commitment to the process of learning. It brings individuals with a common goal (Flores, 2005). The effect of motivation is high on this process due to the specificity of the programme (NSCD, 2009). The programmes are focussed on the specific instructions, job-based, cyclic and ongoing. Thus the mentors gain skills which are specific and particular to their daily responsibilities (Guskey, 2009). The link between the learning process of the PD and integration of the daily responsibilities of the learning increases the intrinsic motivation of the teachers to perform better (Fullan, 1995). The importance of Mentoring: The goals and motives of the mentoring…show more content…
The uniqueness of mentoring is that comparatively most of the mentors would have gone through any one of the first hand mentored experiences during their careers. The mentoring process has many due advantages like collaboration amongst peers, feedback, observation and shaping desired behaviour. Another important effect of mentoring is the identification of problems with the mentees. The problems faced by the mentees in the process of learning in the practicality and context. The solutions for the problems are not provided by the mentors but the mentees are motivated to critically find a solution. The solution is a critically yielded solution and not a temporary solution to the problem (Costa, 2002). The co-teaching is an important strategy and effect of mentoring (Friend, 1989). The method improvises the bonding between general and special education teachers. The responsibility, work, planning and assessment are split amongst the mentor and the mentee. This results in increasing the commitment and frequent communication, exchange of ideas and knowledge with one another and working together towards conflict
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