Importance Of Mentoring In Nursing

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Haddy Tunkara –Bah
Lecturer department of Nursing, University of the Gambia
Ph.D Student, Department of Nursing, University of Benin, Nigeria

Haddy Tunkara-Bah
C/o School of Nursing and Midwifery
P.o. box 435
Banjul, the Gambia

Clinical training which is part of nursing education and professional development takes place under the direction and supervision of a trained supervisor or mentor with higher qualification in the nursing profession. However, it seems from the literature that the boundaries between mentoring and clinical supervision are not clear-cut. Nonetheless, it is broadly accepted that extensive experiences
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This is supported by Bennett (2003), who agree that barriers to the implementation of clinical supervision range from individual factors to wider organizational issues. In order to effectively overcome these barriers they first need to be understood.
Personal barriers relate to the way in which individuals perceive themselves in relation to the process of clinical supervision and mentorship. They are governed largely by primal emotive factors, such as fear of change, lack of confidence, knowledge, skills or understanding, failure to recognize the need for supervision and reluctance to let go of old routines and work habits. To improve understanding and prevent confusion, the principles of clinical supervision and mentorship need to be communicated in clear and accessible language that stresses the benefits to patients and staff as well as to the
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However, according to the experience of the author as a Registered Nurse and a Nurse Tutor, there is no formal mentorship program for nurses in the Gambia. There are no uniform guidelines and protocols to follow during clinical supervision and mentorship in this country. Rather, principals and tutors of nursing institutions generate their own directives based on experience. Trainings are not usually offered to mentors and clinical supervisors to enable them to fit effectively into their roles. The choice of mentors are those available in the clinical facilities but not by choice and willingness, experience, competencies or personal

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