Importance Of Microbiology

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M icrobiology laboratory is a branch of medical laboratory. Interested in studying infectious diseases, which is the microorganisms [1]. There are four type of microorganisms that causes infectious disease are bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. The microbiology laboratory is study the microorganism that cannot be seen by the eyes [2]. The microbiology laboratory is take a sample from patient to know what type of bacteria or another microorganism a causing the disease, and what the best treatment for it. The main purpose of the microbiology laboratory is work to discover the reason and causes of the diseases and treatment medical microbiology laboratory is one of important laboratory in clinical laboratory. The microbiology laboratory is very important that help to the diagnosis and pathogenesis of infectious diseases [2]. The microbiology laboratory has many section such as bacteriology, parasitology, virology and mycology [3]. Microbiology laboratory has many sections and each section do many type of test. The time of get a result of test is depend to the test, some of test finished is many hours and another may be many days. The bacteriology laboratory has two types are aerobic and anaerobic. The bacteriology laboratory is detecting which bacteria is cause the infection disease in the patient. The second section is parasitology laboratory is find the parasite, have three types of tests such as fecal (stool) examination, endoscopy and blood. Another section special in

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