Microorganisms Essay

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A microorganism is a living organism that is microscopic. It may be either unicellular or multicellular. Microorganisms are diverse and include bacteria and archaea and almost all the protozoa. they also include some fungi , algae and some animals e.g. rotifers. Some microbiologists classify virus as microorganisms but the other scientists classify them as nonliving things.
Microorganisms live in every part of the biosphere, microorganisms under certain test conditions have been seen to survive in the vacuum of outer space.
• HUMAN HEALTH – The human body contains ten times more microorganisms than the body cells. The microorganisms are beneficial and they perform various body
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Scientists successfully developed human insulin, growth hormones, and other useful components of the body. It also use microorganisms for drug delivery in vectors and plasmid forms. Microorganisms also play an important part in recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. Important tools of biotechnology are microbial cells, microbial genes and microbial organisms. Microorganisms have also provided many beneficial things to agriculture by increasing the soil fertility which makes the production of plants increase and as a result of this strengthens the economy.
• TERRORISM AND WARFARE- Microorganisms can be used as warfare weapons, historical records have shown that armies used infected corpses against their enemies as far back as the sixth century B.C. by throwing them into wells and poisoning the water, catapulting or shooting them into the cities of their opponents to cause an outbreak of disease. The colonization of the Americas included many incidents of Europeans using virus like small pox against the native population. All this occurred before scientists fully understood how microorganisms cause
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