Importance Of Middle Class In Ancient Egypt

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There are lots of different class structure in ancient Egypt. There is the high class, middle class, and the low class. It is almost like a pyramid, it goes to the higher class to the low class. The social classes were the groups with different levels of importance. The higher class were the more wealthy and more privileged people. The people that were in the higher class the pharaoh or or god, the nobles and priest, and the professional educated. In the text ´´Ancient Egypt, Egyptian social structure´´ it said ´´These high-level employees had mastered a rare skill in ancient Egypt- they could read and write.´´That would explain how they have a higher privilege and were more wealthy. When it said ´´mastered a rare skill´´ that meant that they had a higher…show more content…
Those people were the soldiers, the skilled workers, the merchants and the storekeepers. In the text ´´Ancient Egypt, Egyptian social structure´´ it said ´´craftsperson made and sold jewelry, pottery, papyrus products, tools, and other useful things.´´ When it said ´´useful things´´ that meant that they were very useful or they were of use in the middle class. The quote was explaining the different, important things that one part of the middle class did. The middle class did have a higher privilege, but it was not as good as the higher class had it. That is some facts about the middle class structure.
Then, comes the middle class. Those were the people like the slaves, farmers, and peasants. In the text ´´Egyptian society´´ it said ´´At the very bottom were the slaves and servants, as well as farmers who worked on land owned by the pharaoh and the social elite.´´ When it said ´´owned´´ that meant that they were poor and did not really have much of a privilege but to work for their owners. So, that meant that they did not have a right, and could not do what most people do because they were owned by someone. That is some facts about the lower class
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