Why Is Middle Class Important To American Democracy

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The Middle Class Leads America to a Better Democracy
How necessary is a strong middle class to the American Democracy? I believe that the middle class is tremendously important to the American democracy, because without the middle class there would no longer be a stable balance in the U.S. and not only that, but our success driven middle class families are the main reasons for our big corporate and big business. They have a strong mind mentally towards success that we need to become more like. Our middle class families are shrinking due to the lack of motivation among the people to strive and inequality/fairness issues in the U.S. Instead of compensating for the rich and poor we need to put our direct focus on how we can become more like them.
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Needs a Strong Middle Class to Thrive” by Tankersley. He writes about an interview that he has done with Nick Hanauer, the creator of Amazon. Hanaur talks about his life and the importance of the middle class. "We 've had it backward for the last 30 years," Hanauer mentioned in his interview. "Rich businesspeople like me don 't create jobs. Rather, they are a consequence of an ecosystemic feedback loop animated by middle-class consumers---When the middle class thrives; businesses grow and hire, and owners profit.” (Quoted in the words of Hanauer, 2012). In “INTERNATIONAL: 'New ' middle class fuels global growth” also believes that the global middle class is the prime market for consumer goods from cars and smart phones to bottled water, wine and scotch. Which is true, our middle class is the leading class believe it or not and we them to help improve our democratic country before it gets too out of hand. If the decline of the middle class continues in the U.S., in the years ahead, he stated that roads and bridges will start to deteriorate. Many public schools will begin to struggle with preparing students for the job market. Consumer spending’s will start to decrease. Small business will begin to close one by one and it’ll be harder for new ones to open up. Last but least big corporate like Amazon will and Apple will scrounge the country to cope with chronic engineering shortages. Now believe it or not, that make less…show more content…
And that it’s a perception that government policies are skewed toward helping the already wealthy and powerful. (Kohut, 946). But I could disagree, I believe that there could be a change, and it’s with us if we work together. We can start off first by bringing fairness and equalities into our schools. Improving all the teachers and administrators, making sure that not only do they teach students, but also help influence their mind set. It would be a priority to add on to teaching methods with lots of positive and motivational speeches towards the students; focusing on what the kids want to be or do in life. There are some school and few teachers out there that focuses on this policy, but not all schools make it their priority. We could then continue as parents. Parents play a big part as well in children 's lives. We need to get more parents to think like a middle class parents, having direct involvement in their child’s success. Community with teachers and administrators, enrolling their child into good programs. I remember my high school days, being in the marching band and noticing all the band parents. They were very encouraging and helpful to not only their child, but to the whole band as well. Starting fundraisers, helping out, and always giving motivational speeches. Nowadays motivation can be hard to find when everyone’s putting you down or don’t’ care if you succeed
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