Importance Of Migrant Workers

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Migrant workers are one of the most marginalised groups in Singapore, often being deprived of their labour rights by working in a foreign labour system that leaves them highly dependent on their employers. As a result, they often face problems such as the unilateral cancellations of work permits by their employers, poor living conditions, denial of medical insurance, as well as physical and verbal abuse. Hence, I am advocating for equal labour rights of domestic and non-domestic migrant workers– they should be treated well and fairly by their employers, given decent accommodation with good living conditions and ample food to eat, as well as receive their due salaries punctually.

Although there is no institutionalised racial discrimination in Singapore, government policies have marginalised migrant workers over the years by, for instance, excluding migrant domestic workers from full and equal employment protections like the Employment Act, which protects labour rights such as a maximum of 44 work hours per week, a minimum of 1 rest day per week, limits on salary deductions, as well as 14 days of paid sick leave. Similarly, the Singapore’s Workmen’s Compensation Act also excludes migrant domestic workers from compensations for occupational illnesses and workplace injuries.
Together, the nature of their work, lack of legal rights and awareness of labour rights, as well as exploitative recruitment systems, leave migrant workers vulnerable to various forms of abuse. In addition,

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