Importance Of Military Armor Dbq Essay

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A theory that said that the Roman army became weaker is a top three reason because an empire was successful when there was a strong, courageous, and persistent military that had the will to protect people. However, after the year of 400 C.E, military soldiers were willing not to wear certain parts of their armor. In Document B, the text stated, “But when, because of negligence and laziness...customary armor began to seem heavy since the soldiers rarely ever wore it.” This quote is an example of the beginning of a declining and weakening army. Military members were beginning to become lazy and stubborn forcing them to refuse to wear armor due to the heavy weight. Soldiers began to fight through grueling and harsh conditions in battle without armor leaving them in a losing position. Roman soldiers without armor wouldn’t stand a chance against those who were skilled fighters and wore armor. In addition, in Document B, it stated,”Therefore, they first asked the emperor to set aside the breastplates...and then the helmets.” Based on this quote, Roman…show more content…
A successful empire needed a military group to expand and defend against marauders. Without the strong military group, the expansion of an empire wouldn’t be possible. When the military warriors decided to leave their armor behind, it represented their lost determination to win battles for the Roman Empire. Therefore, the Roman Army played an important role in sustaining the Roman Empire. Because of their foolish choice to no longer be determined to protect and save the lives of others by giving up their breastplates and helmets greatly damaged the Roman Empire’s strength and changed many invaders’ perspectives and viewpoints encouraging them to contribute to the fall of Rome. In conclusion, the debilitate Roman army is a theory that is one of the top three reasons for the fall of
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