Importance Of Military Power In The Philippines

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The Philippines is considered to be a developing country, where the economic status and military capability of the nation is considered mediocre and dependent on other countries, unlike some internationally known countries like China, Japan, and the United States of America (Ayre, 2013). The said countries are considered to be First world countries, where science and technology is the forefront. The countries were able to acquire such stature due to their renowned economic quality and military strength. The Philippines military force should be built up as to become a renowned military power in terms of military capabilities and equipment, also to be an internationally known country in the sense of being an independent country. The Philippines is dependent on foreign powers due to many factors. One of which is the geography of the country. Marshal Cavendish Corporation (2007) stated that, 65% of the 7,000 island clusters are made up of two large land masses: Luzon and Mindanao. These land masses are carved by long mountain ranges and by dense jungles. In addition, the entire country is surrounded by vast seas and oceans which separate the islands from each other. The presence of mountain ranges, jungles and seas hinders any form of land travel and slows down the exchange of information. Other forms of travel are by land or sea, but this form of transportation cost more compared to the average drive, hence having a greater impact on the economy. Economy is a vital part in
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