Importance Of Mission Command

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My use of mission command as a command paralegal Learning about mission command and its six principles has helped me see how empowering my subordinates in my past led me to where I am today. Now I believe that I am better apt to analyze my commanders and other leaders intent and better deliver that intent to my subordinates to accomplish the mission through mission command.
Cohesive Teambuilding I enjoy conducting interesting physical training events that push my soldier’s thoughts of what they can do. I always thought that new and unique physical training events only helped with getting soldiers to enjoy coming into physical training every morning; however, now I see that this was just the start of how I was building cohesive teams. According to ADRP 6-0, “Trust is gained or lost through everyday actions more than grand or occasional gestures.” I am already thinking of new and interesting things to do with my soldiers after I leave the United States Army
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I thought it was great physical training and helped build my team. One time I did this, I had a pregnant soldier with me, and she was the fittest soldier within the platoon and loved these events. I told her that she would have to just walk the canyon and not ruck it or climb the mountain, but she insisted, saying that she was more than capable of still doing this and the hospital is only a few minutes away. I took this information and thought that this was an acceptable risk; however, the first sergeant came to see how we were conducting our physical training. Halfway up the mountain he sees her with a ruck on and then pulls me aside stating that this was unsatisfactory, that this was too risky. For my first sergeant this was just me gambling that nothing would happen and that it was too risky for the commander to
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