Importance Of Mobile In Education

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Student ID:55268984 CGE1000 English Academic Studies A Assessment 1 Essay Writing Take Home Assignment Topic : Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ? Mobile devices can be education tools to expand learning within and outside of the classroom. Inevitably, mobile devices today are introducing exciting new possibilities when it comes to digital learning. It enriched our lives at work and home, allowing us to stay connected and access information anytime and anywhere with unprecedented ease. In addition, they are also playing a growing role in the classroom, upending traditional models of learning. In San Francisco, at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in Ramsey Musallam 's A.P chemistry class, mobile phones are their extension of how he communicates with his students (Barseghian, 2017) .He says that“Sure, that’s kind of cute,” (Barseghian, 2017) it is a fun way to use as an education tool and it is also a chance for students learn and think outside the box , and it helps a lot on improving the learning environment from allowing students to use mobile as their education tool . On the contrary, there are some people who thinks mobile devices cannot expand their vision outside the classroom and take a negative attitude on this issue. In my opinion, I do agree with the above statement. The reasons are given below. First, by changing the traditional education tool from black board to cell phones in school, students can enlarge their learning

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