Importance Of Modern Gadgets Essay

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NEED FOR THE STUDY The challenges of modern times designed by rapid advances in science and technology have necessitated adoption of novel outlook and orientations in content and methodologies in education. In the recent past it is observed that the students are mostly inclined to computer games and video games through computers for passing the time thus not knowing that the creative mind is stifled. Still there is more dependence on traditional methods in most of the schools except some schools where they exhibit and rely on modern methods using smart board, smart class rooms etc. Though not all the teachers possess creative traits but a few who have, are reluctant to use modern gadgets available for educational development. As new techniques are developed in the modern era with the latest technologies, evolution should take place at a faster rate by employing sophisticated tools to foster creativity among school children. Moreover, the field of videogames and creativity, videogames and learning, and videogames and academic achievement is rather new in Indian context and only a countable few studies have been carried out, that…show more content…
Why do we teach? How do we teach? Should we have a system? What is curriculum and framework? Are we practically and theoretically following the international benchmarks? Do we honestly and professionally have qualified teachers who are capable of meeting the challenges of meeting the demands of the net generation in the web world? Do we have such type of potential professionals who can lead and inspire teachers? All the people around the globe are in a bad need of quality education. The real leaders of the present day can raise their fellow-beings out of the race for money. Lots of problems face the international education process; i.e. Lack of experience. Most schools hire cheap employment in the managerial and teaching positions at the expense of

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