Importance Of Modernism In Modern Poetry

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They questioned beliefs, morality and immorality. Their treatment of sex gives rise to the mistaken notion that the moderns are depraved. But this is not the case. The modernists have wide literary and scientific readings. They are skillful to create obscure allusions to other authors and events, which the reader should know. The abstract realities of Beauty, Truth, Justice, are less understood in this materialistic world although we are in great need of them today but the modernist tends to avoid them and writes about things they are uncomfortable with. Another quality the moderns have is cynicism in their work. The advancement and power struggles have turned them against the old and present society although they have certain idealism but they don’t have faith in their fellowmen. It is particularly concerned with writing away from established rules, and re-examination of every aspect of existence .it was against Victorian artificialities and moral bankruptcy. There were real shifts in the natural sciences, social…show more content…
it is a self-conscious mirror of society. poetry has been taken over by stockbrokers, house wife or husbands and to the extent by everyone. In response to this trend, a small bunch of classicists are promoting a return to meter. They have created their own journals and demand that anyone follow the old rules. Moderns are too formless and the other is too form-constrained. And neither puts the emphasis on emotion, where it belongs. You see, modern art was founded on a falsehood. In order to revolutionize art, early art critics like Clive Bell, Roger Fry, Clement Greenberg, told us that the content of art was its form. The return to classicism in art and poetry is feckless. You have to return to forms because they allow you to reintroduce content. Talking about form for its own sake is just more of the same
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