Importance Of Monarchies In Modern Society

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Arianna Ferrante Mrs. Trapasso FYW 1000 C 19 January 2018 Relevance of Monarchies Monarchies like the United Kingdom, Japan, and Spain all still receive great affection and respect. Unlike aristocracy, monarchy holds a country together; they serve as a symbolic purpose. Monarchs represent the whole country in a way that an elected head of state cannot. They uphold years of tradition even in changing times. A monarch can remind their country of what it represents and where their traditions came from, which people can forget during political moments. Monarchies have lasted throughout time, and still stand today in some countries. They continue to prove themselves as an important and beneficial political institution. But are monarchies still relevant in modern society? Monarchies date back to prehistoric times. They were previously known as chiefdoms or as a tribal kingship, and they had been used throughout history for decades. The leaders of these groups would pass down their knowledge to the next generation, their children who would then be the most qualified to take the leadership position. Knowledge became power. Over time, this concept became normal. This type of rule flourished during the feudal period in medieval Europe. During this time, powerful landowners acquired vast amounts of land…show more content…
Presidents are mostly elected due to popular votes, meaning they say whatever they believe the people want to hear. This idea of populism allows candidates to run for office by focusing on the satisfaction of the people’s urges rather than long-term improvements. In comparison to a monarchy, a leader who stays in power for a longer time can remind their country of what it represents and where their traditions came from in challenging times. In a democracy, the leader changes often, this can confuse the people during a tough time, because they might not know where the president

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