Importance Of Money In Islam

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The Importance of Lawful Earning in Islam: Part 1
Why should we make money?

Have you ever thought about what role wealth plays in our lives and why we really need to earn money? To some people money could be a result from the exchange of value. In other words, what you are doing is of value to someone and that is why you are paid for it. You might get excited to know the value you are delivering to people is making their lives better; then you will be probably more motivated to enhance your get-rich potential and try to make more and more money! This would be an ideal reason for someone to earn money. However, we all need money to spend for certain reasons e.g. food, clothing, shelter, etc.

What does Islam say about wealth?

Muslims believe wealth is one of the innumerous blessings of Allah that is referred to as ‘Khair’ -meaning goodness- in some verses of the holy Quran (2:215, 2:180). In another verse it is mentioned as an attraction of this worldly life (18:46). What’s more, gaining wealth has been given so much importance in the religion of Islam that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: “Seeking lawful earnings is compulsory for every Muslim” [1].

Islam also seriously recommends attaining the sustenance provided by God through hard work and striving. It is stated in the Islamic narrations that Allah does not like a person who prays for income while he has quit earning and does not try for it [2]. The holy Quran also says:

“that nothing belongs to man except what he

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