Importance Of Money In Modern Society

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Money plays a crucial role in the life of everyone. The importance of money varies from person to person. In order to test our hypothesis, two interviews and focus groups were conducted. The respondents were mainly supporting the hypothesis but at times also contradicting it. Mrs. Saeed, a senior teacher at Lahore Grammar School, while the interview was being conducted, said that the power of money in regard to be able to buy anything depends on the character of the person himself; that is, the sort of person he/she is, whether materialistic or someone who cares about values. Muhammad Umer, a Research Associate in The Agha Khan University, clearly rejects the materialistic point of view, giving clear superiority to family, love and respect.…show more content…
Money is become the most disturbing reality of the present world. The society today has taken a huge impact of money on itself. It is believed that money is the best invention of mankind. It is said to be the ‘King of free Market Economy’ as said by an interviewee. The value of money in the modern society is known to all. It is not at all surprising that a person with low moral character and values prefers money over love, family, honor and self-esteem. Mrs. Saeed puts this statement another way by saying that the value of money varies from person to person. People have different perspectives and views about life and the way they set their lives. We live in the era of capitalism, globalization and mass manufacturing. We can safely say that modern society is materialistic. The criteria of judging people on the basis of their attitudes and morals has changed to the level or threshold of a person being impolite, rude, uncomfortable, dynamic, wealthy and over confident. A focus group concluded that people are more into money showoff in today’s society and this is becoming a social…show more content…
People with a better educational background and strong moral character have little consideration towards money while the middle class is becoming more and more status conscious and valuing money just to remain modernized and maintain their fake standards. After observing the attitude of people towards social dominance of money in Pakistan, an intriguing question was aroused which needed to be answered by the public. “Will the general public of the nation accept a leader who is not strong in monetary terms?” In order to answer this question, a study was conducted in the Lahore School of Economics. Results showed that 68% of the respondents would go for a leader with a strong background who is well off. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a status conscious society. Despite the dominology of money being preferred over merit in Pakistan there are still few exceptions where merit is given a chance over money. There was a case regarding the education system in Pakistan where a student named, Ali Moeen Nawazish, scored 22 A’s in Advance Levels. He obtained Bachelor 's degree in Politics and International Relations from Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Currently, he is pursuing a Master degree in Social Science in Journalism and Media Management at Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism. This shows that if you are determined and focused towards your goal, you outshine. (Samad,

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