Importance Of Monopoly In Kazakhstan

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Monopoly in Kazakhstan

Monopoly - (from Greek mono ... and Poleo -. Sell), the exclusive right in a particular area of the state, organizations, companies.

Monopoly - the major economic associations (cartels, syndicates, trusts, corporations, and so on) that are in private ownership (individual, group or stock) and exercising control over the industries, markets and economies with a high degree of concentration of production and capital in order to establish monopolistic prices and extract monopoly profits.

Problems monopolization of economic life, competition in the commodity markets today, attracting attention not only professionals, but also the general public.
Since the beginning of the 90s, these problems have become acute for Kazakhstan:
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Consequently, the main sign of the monopoly of education (monopoly) is the occupation of a monopoly position. The latter is defined as the entrepreneur 's dominant position, which gives him the opportunity to independently or together with other entrepreneurs to restrict competition on the market of certain goods.
Monopoly position is desirable for every entrepreneur or enterprise, as it avoids a number of problems and risks associated with competition: take a privileged position in the market by concentrating certain economic power in their hands; influence other market participants, they impose their conditions. We can assume that monopolies impose their kontragens, and sometimes the public their personal interests.
Monopoly due to the high concentration of economic resources creates opportunities to accelerate technological progress. However, these possibilities are realized in cases where this acceleration contributes to extract monopoly - high
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The most important of these include the growth of stock ownership; the new role of the banks and the participation of development of the system; monopolistic mergers as a way of centralization of capital; the evolution of the capitalist forms of associations and new forms of association. Each of these processes has independent significance in the development of modern capitalism. And yet each of them in their own accelerated development of the monopolization of the
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