Importance Of Moral Development

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Integrity and morality is essential for establishing a successful leadership.A leader must have a high degree for integrity and morality as it will affect whether he/she could be able to convince others and avoid According to Lawrence Kohlberg Moral development can be classified into 3 levels and 6 stages (Kohlberg,1971) and Kohlberg mention that the moral development must be stage by stage ,from stage 1 to stage 6, the feature of each stage will be discussed below and using littering as an example. The first level of moral development is pre-conventional level.People in the pre-conventional level make a moral judgement depends on benefit of himself/herself.The main emphasis of this level is personal benefit.Stage 1 and stage 2 is under this level. Stage 1 is meaning that people make judgement in order to avoid punishment (Kohlberg,1971). When there is a policemen next to them,people tend not to jump red light as they know once they jump the light, then the police will fine them,in order to evade the punishment people will obey the traffic rule.In this situation,people make judgement depends on whether they will be punished, it is about personal benefit so it is classified as pre-conventional moral development level. Stage 2 is meaning that people make judgement in order to make himself /herself happier For example when a people is going to have a very important meeting and he /she is going to be late, then he / she might jump the red light as they think the

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