Importance Of Moral Education In School Education

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A Moral Framework For School Education

Assignment I

Philosophy of Education

Piyush Prakash - M2014EE037

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
M.A Elementary Education ( 2014-2016)

Moral Education essentially is the inculcation of certain desirable values which starts taking shape right from the birth of a child and is continued by the family members based on their level of awareness and understanding owing to today’s dynamic society. Therefore, the school’s role in nurturing moral values assumes significance and it’s capability to do the same is put to question. “How a school should go about moral education?” is a common question being echoed in the corridors of Education. Even before we start thinking about it, a basic question
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Now coming down to our own country, India, which is a multicultural and multilingual nation, cultural relativism becomes prominent. If we take into account the various evils that are crippling our nation we may be able to come out with a list of some desirable values that need to be inculcated as soon as possible. There is a degradation of values on a massive scale. The scams and corruption level have grown to an alarming high. Undoubtedly, Aristotle’s virtue ethics can be evoked to solve the problem. Also, the wheel of government machinery seems to be slowing down. The government servants are not performing their duties efficiently. The theory of deontology can help us which emphasizes on practical reason. The mass-media has senselessly gripped our children and assaults them with information, views and prejudice that young mind can hardly discern or judge. Moreover, propagating derogatory images of women has lead to increased violence against the women in society. There is an indispensible need to promote gender studies at school level and create sensitivity towards gender-equity. Consumerism and Materialism have emerged as great evils. They have put tremendous pressure on natural resources on the one hand and have done rampant damage to the environment on the other. Thus, the value for appreciation of beauty and balance in nature has to be inculcated which goes in…show more content…
For e.g. if we have to teach gender-equity as a value, we can link it to Literacy as well as Math for an entire unit which may be of 6 weeks roughly. It should also include a project on presenting a Report on ‘Gender-Equity and Its Relevance in Our immediate community’. The structure of the unit would look something like this. The reading would be taken care of choosing an age appropriate and authentic book on Gender studies for Read Aloud by the teacher. The kids would be asked to present their view points in between ongoing readings at crucial points or wherever the children feel like discussing about any portion. Even the Math questions could be framed around the topic. For e.g. Ram gets Rs 150 for his labour and his wife Sita gets Rs 100 for her labour. What percentage of money Ram gets more than Sita? At the end of the unit, the kids should go to the community nearby and do a survey about various gender issues and prepare a report on the state of inequity and also propose a solution for the same. And, finally they will present it in front of the class in groups which will be left open for questioning and discussion. The whole unit will make the kids sensitive towards the issue of gender-inequity. Also while working in groups they will learn values of tolerance and mutual respect. And in presentation, they will gain
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