Importance Of Moral Responsibility On Dreams

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The Moral Responsibility on Dreams
One day, I went home for a summer holiday. My father picked me at the airport and brought me to our house. I was so excited because I did not visit my family for a year. When I reached home, my mother was sitting and waiting in the terrace. She smiled at me and hugged me so tight as we will never see each other again. My father took my luggage and brought them to my room. I follow my mother to the living room and I saw another luggage. “Who’s luggage is it?” I asked her. “Mine.” She answered shortly. Her smile evaporated. I looked at her and I do not understand what was happening. “Me and your father are getting divorce,” she said. Her tears felt down like rain. “Why?” I was puzzled. My mother held her breath and said, “Because there is another woman.” I was shocked. The entire white atmosphere around me turned black. My anger burned my head. I turned to my room. Before even my father say a word, my hand was landed in his face. I slapped him. I opened my eyes and was confused whether I came back to the real life of I was still in a dream. After awhile, I realized that it was a dream.
I am not the only one who encounters a dream which look vivid. When I am dreaming, it looks very real as I experience it in the real life. The discussion of dream has been a philosophical inquiry since Plato to McGinn. Descartes, Plato, Chuang Tzu, are some examples of philosophers who discuss dream as part of the external world skepticism (Windt). Since 20th
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