Importance Of Morality And Ethics

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For me, morality and ethics are different but it is relevant to each other. Morality is the proper behavior pf a person in doing right or wrong things while ethics is the human standards to do good and avoid evil actions. When we are doing morality and ethics we will feel happy. For example, you want to become successful person in the future so in order to achieve the goal you want you have to be patient and do good things simultaneously. According to Aristotle, "the purpose of ethics is to simply find the ultimate purpose of life of the humans." It means that we act ethically to have the ultimate happiness and to know the purpose of our lives. Both morality and ethics are relevant to what is right and wrong. In a way that they both refer to the rightness or wrongness of thing but of a different degree. Morality is much higher that ethics. Ethics deals with being good or bad. It is the things that a person ought to do something. Morality is the things that you made for a person in terms of right or wrong about the decisions for something, our purpose, our actions, and even our thoughts. Some people says that "what we speaks is what our morality is, and what we think is the right thing to do." It means that whatever we say towards other people or person will reflect our morality and anything that comes in our mind will be the things that we choose that is right. Freedom and morality are connected to each other. We have free will to do what we want or anything, even though

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