Importance Of Morality In Society

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“Morals are the tools by which one lives, and ethics constitute the manual that codifies them”. (Gygax, 2012). Philosophers, Scientists and Experts have all debated whether humans are good or bad. Theorists have questioned if people are good at heart, and then corrupted by society and the media, or whether we are born corrupt in a society. This paper studies the importance of morals The researcher explores the importance of Ethics and ethnical codes. Finally the paper explains good people and bad people. The researcher then concludes the paper by summarizing if humans are good or bad. Morality, put simply, is the belief or recognition that certain behaviours are either “good” or “bad”. Some morals are very easy to accept, for instance, you know that it is wrong to steal a car, or to murder a man, but other morals can be harder to decide. What if the man (you had just murdered) had already killed your best friend? Or the person who you were going to steal your car from had already stolen your motorbike a few weeks earlier, and in turn you were stealing the car back out of revenge. In other words you were doing what you thought was only fair. An eye for an eye.…show more content…
Albert Einstein once quoted that “the world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don 't do anything about it.” (Einstein (n.d.) Humans are unable to actually live together on this earth in complete peace and harmony? There are almost daily reports of wars, murders, thieves, bombers, bigots, racists, bullies in the media. According to the Poly-national War Memorial there have been 237 wars, between 1900 and today, starting with the Boxer Rebellion in China and continuing to the war in Afghanistan. We use violence as a form of entertainment. Sports such as boxing and MMA (Mixed Martial arts) are very popular, and bring in millions of pounds/dollars of revenue to everyone involved. People love watching violent movies and play (immoral) games
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