Importance Of Morphological Analysis

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Morphological is the study of the structure and formation of words. The basic unit is called as morpheme. Morpheme is smallest units which have meaning. There are two classes for morphemes which is stem and other is affixes. Stem is always the meaning bearing word and affixes are the pieces which add extra meaning to the stem. Morphological structure is just one way of grouping languages.
Usually there are three classification and they are isolating languages (eg.Chinese), Agglutinative languages (eg. Turkish)and Inflecting languages (eg. Latin).
The Agglutinative language like Malayalam is rich in inflections, which require complex procedures to extract its inflections and grammatical information. Morphological analyzer indentifies the stem and affixes of the word provided. In Malayalam most of the lexical items, like nouns, verbs, etc are inflected heavily, giving information such as person, number, tense, and mood respectively. These inflections can be nested in many cases. The nesting increases the difficulty in identifying the morphological features.
There are different approaches for morphological analysis.
Some of the different morphological analysing techniques are explained below:

2.1.Finite State Automata
Finite state automata is a device that always accepts or rejects a string. It uses regular expressions as its input. A string is said to accepted if it reaches the final state of FSA otherwise it

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