Importance Of Morphology

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Jinwoong Lee
American Samoa Community College

Communication functions delivering idea and thought from one person to another. There are various categories of communication such as verbal, non-verbal, written, and visualization. All kinds of organisms communicate with each other. Animal communicates each other through a howl and gesture, and even plant communicates each other. However, human is the only species that use symbolic communication system which is a language. Human uses language to express their thought and culture. Human language systems formed by rules and structures. Among those rules and structures, morphology is the study of word structure and word-formation. Without of system of morphology human language is not useful tool. Thus purpose of the research is to define the system of morphology and the application of morphology system in classroom
Definition of Morphology
Morphology is the commonest structure of language system because morphology studied for long periods. To find the foundation of morphology needs to trace back to 6th to 5th century. Structure of morphology set up in by the Indian grammarian Panini who formulates about the 4,000 rules of Sanskrit morphology in the text “Aṣṭādhyāyī”. (Ashtadhyayi, 2016). According to Mataram (2013), modern system of morphology has not considered as a sub-branch of linguistic till 19th century. Through Sir William Jones, Franz Bopp, and Mark Muller people could assume that
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