Mother Tongue Interference Essay

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Mother Tongue Interference Recently, learning or having another language besides the native language is important. As learners begin to study second or foreign language, they may face some difficulties and problems. Firstly, language acquisition refers to the ways by which persons own the ability to perceive and understand language, also to make and use words and sentences to communicate (Lightbown& Spada, 2013). According to Yule (2010) “it is the gradual development of ability in a language by communicating with the native speaker of this language” p.187. While the second language refers to the added language, so it may be the third, fourth or tenth to be received (Torike,2006). It is the language that received by a group of learners or individual who have another language (Torike,2006). In fact, language acquisition may be affected by some factors (Ellis,1994). One of these factors is the mother tongue interference which is the effect of the native language on the SLA or it is the influence of L1(Torike,2006). Transfer is one of the mother tongue aspects, which means using and applying the knowledge of L1 to L2 and when students of L1 study L2, there are two kinds of transfer happening: positive transfer and negative transfer (Ellis,1994). If…show more content…
Linguists claim that these errors can be made by children when they acquiring their first language (Ellis,1994). Some linguists assume that there are many causes of these errors such as overgeneralization (Lightbown& Spada, 2013). For example, all learners of English whether it is their first language or second language put “s” on ‘foot’ to express
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