Importance Of Motherhood Essay

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Motherhood gifts to women the responsibility of bringing up a child and via this process, she can also be judged by people at her workplace and also the in society. Due to care of the child, the woman might exhaust more leave options, therefore risking the job security. Therefore, certain measures, both personal and social have to undergo significant changes in order to attend to such a situation. A mother who works, more so of one who is able to balance both work and domestic commitments, will thoroughly enjoy the simulation that her career or job offers. She plays a part in being a useful member of society and at the same time, possessing the ability to raise a future useful member, gaining financial independence. In addition with motherhood, being able to work will add to the completeness of being a woman.

A working mother can be described as a woman who combines the two aspects of having a career and at the same time, having another responsibility to raising a child. Within this term, two types of working mothers can be derived, namely the woman who works away from her home while continuing her maternal responsibilities and the mother who stays at home. In Singapore’s context where the standard of living is considerably high, both parents are often compelled to work in order to keep up. A woman who fits
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This is especially true when one views societies in developing countries such as India. Attributes used to describe a woman may range from motherly, tender to feminine. As a mother who works, she can be described as empowered and self-reliant, more so if she hails from a low socio-economic upbringing to which it forms the basis of her womanhood. Financial autonomy provides a sense of empowerment and the extra income that the family obtains, enhances the family’s standard of living and these combined establishes a very fundamental upgrade for families with low socio-economic
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