Importance Of Motherhood In African Society

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Motherhood differs in different ways in African societies. Motherhood is the most wonderful gift natured with love, affection, teachings, norms and values from a mother to her children as well as her family to make a better social development in the society.
Those who believe in Christianity are accurate that being able to bare children is a gift from God. A woman can give birth to a child knowing that she will groom the child and let the child explore what life has in store, while placing the teachings of the mother around his/her neck. In some societies mothers are placed as the second ‘commander’ because
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The children’s progress and be closely watched by their mother. But also outside the family has become so important in modern industrialised societies that have sometimes been accused of contributing to the weakening of the family, such could be from a bad company of friends. Due to the help of a mother they are led on the road of an everlasting good life. Though, the mother must live a life worthy of her children to imitate, because they are the first to lead their children. That is the reason why women have the ability to do anything they can to sustain a disrupted family. Women do what is possible for the needs of the family to be met, they sacrifice their lives, jobs, and social life in order to mould their children. Even when men run away from their duties of taking care of their children financially and emotionally, women are there to take

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