Yasuko Takasu Character Analysis

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Mothers are the centre of our universe. When we talk about motherhood, we are indeed talking about the universe, life, and the holly haven. Mothers in anime play a big role, without whom the protagonist of the anime would not come into existence. Whether they were tough, caring, or apathetic, they will always be the joy behind the reason we are watching the anime series. In our list, we are specifically going to talk about mothers. We are not going to say the best mothers because all mothers are great in their own way, but rather let us say the most interesting, the high ranked mother of all anime series. Keep close because you are going to enjoy this one countlessly. 15.Bell-mère – One Piece
This incredible mother is indeed worth spotting on our list. This One Piece’s character is w retired marine who lives in an isolated island with two adopted kids whom she met during a raid. She took onto her sake raising them; even though, she has no enough money to do so, for she lived all of these years nurturing herself by eating tangerines that she grows in her backyard. One day Arlong and his crew came knocking at her door, collecting money; she confronted him that she has none. Her frank answer caused
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She always arrive late at home, straight to bed, leaving behind her all the home cleaning work for her poor child. However, do not let appearances fool you; Yasuko is the total opposite of what she looks like. After the death of her husband, she took at her sake to raise her kid and do anything just to provide him with what he asks for. She is always home late because she works in several jobs in order to fulfil his needs, that is why she is always wearied up. As a mother, she cares a lot about her kid’s education, feeling so irritated when he ask her to work a part-time job. That is the symbol of a caring mother who does everything and sacrifices all and above just to please her

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