Importance Of Motivation And Language Learning Essay

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Nowadays English has been spoken by about 1.5 billion people all over the world (Crystal 1997:5) as a medium of communication between people of different languages, so called English as a Lingua Franca (ELF). It is believed that English is important due to its functions to facilitate communication, which lead to the acceptance that English should be taught around the world. The trends of studying English can be seen in all industrial and developing countries, especially in Asia, as English is a required subject of education in high schools and university admission examinations. It is well concurred that studying and achieving English is prerequisite for non-native English learners as English becoming international language, and it might give learners various advantageous opportunities, for example, they might be able to study abroad, communicate with native speaker friends, or get good job opportunities. Clearly, the motivations for studying English may be distinct depending on each context of learning as well as learners. Many researchers have acknowledged that motivation is one of the key elements that can predict the success of language learning, so a lot of research has been carried out in order to find the relations between motivation and language learning as well as how motivation functions and…show more content…
Dornyei (1990) claims that as a predictor of proficiency, Instrumental motivation is stronger than Integrative motivation in the foreign-language learning. Similarly, the work of Schmidt, Boraie, and Kassabgy (1996) asserts that if learners have limited exposure to English as well as rare chance to integrate themselves into the target society, the integrative motivation might be less

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