Importance Of Motivation In Learning

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Introduction Motivation in learning is something which cannot be ignored, without any motivation a teacher cannot make the students learn the subject. Motivated students show more interest and pay more attention to the teacher while teaching. We can motivate students with curiosity in learning. People are naturally curious. Students like enjoying new things and seek new experiences. For example, ask students question or create problem situation rather than presenting statements of facts. This increases student’s interest and curiosity to learn more about the topic. Curiosity enhances learning by increasing student’s interest. Without having any interest students cannot understand what teacher is teaching. Curiosity is a motive that is intrinsic to learning and thus continued learning is not depending upon the teacher rewarding learning. Always curiosity makes learning more effective and enjoyable. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (theory of human motivation) Normally human beings are motivated by unsatisfied needs and before the higher needs can be satisfied, the lower needs are to be satisfied. As stated by Maslow there is common types of needs. (Self-actualization, Esteem, love/belonging, safety and physiological) Self-actualized people tend to have motivators such as Truth, Justice, Wisdom, and Meaning. These types of people do things for others without being selfish. For an example, in an effort to make a productive change for the better, a smiling Oprah winfrey, she
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