Essay On The Importance Of Extrinsic Motivation

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IMPORTANCE AND FEATURES OF MOTIVATION IN MANAGEMENT. Motivation in management is exceedingly important. Motivation is necessary as it puts human resources into action, improves level of efficiency, leads to achievement of organisational goals, etc.
Motivation is important in management because of the following:
• Puts human resources into action: Every organisation has human resources and physical resources and financial resources. Motivation helps use the human resources to their maximum capacity. This can be done by constructing willingness in the employees to work.

• Improves level of efficiency of employees: To improve the efficiency it necessary to bridge the gap between willingness and ability of the employees . This will lead:-
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In each of these instances, the person’s behaviour is motivated by an internal desire to participate in an activity for his/her own sake.

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: Which is the best?
So the basic difference between the two is that extrinsic motivation arises from outside the individual and intrinsic arises from within the individual. They can differ in how effective they are at driving behaviour.
• Sometimes offering excessive external rewards for an already internally rewarding behaviour can lead to a reduction in intrinsic motivation; this is known as over justification effect. In one study, children who were rewarded for playing with a toy they had already expressed interest in lost interest in that toy after they were externally rewarded.
Extrinsic Motivation can be beneficial in some situations, however:
• External awards can induce an interest in activities that the individual had no prior interest in.
• Extrinsic motivation can be used to motivate people to acquire new skills and knowledge. After learning this they can become more intrinsically motivated to pursue them.
• External rewards can act as feedback, letting people know when they have done a good by giving them a

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