Motivation In Health And Social Care Practice Essay

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This assignment require me to write about my motivation of studying social care practice with reference to theories style that applied to me. Beside I will discuss how my beliefs and values have shaped my personal and professional development.
With reference to theory, outline what motivate you to come to social care
Motivation is a drives and wants that direct behaviour toward a goal. My motivation to study social care practice come from my desire about assisting people who are less advantage. Having completed my level 5 and 6 childcare with special needs assistant helped me to realise that my passion lies in supporting the most vulnerable people of the society. I discover through work placement, working as a childcare with special needs assistant. With children with autism spectrum disorder is massively challenging but also satisfying. After attending a lecture regarding social care course, it gave me a great perception into social care practice. I found out that social
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By understanding and entering into another person’s feelings these make realised that having a career in social care setting will be the right decision.
Another important personal value is integrity which is one of the qualities I seek in friendship from my experience friendships based on good integrity are being trustworthy. Integrity relates to social care practice because this value shaped my profession as social care practitioner and make me more capable to establish a relationship with service users. Also it will simplify the procedure of properly following and implementing privacy and confidentiality in the social care setting.
Another value that is vital which I so much regard and most valuable is respect. In my culture in part of the country I came from our belief is that individual should be treated with respect and
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