Importance Of Motivation To Work

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Motivation to work is closely related to the reasons why people work. And for that matter, there are a number of reasons why people work which include to earn monetary rewards, gain satisfaction from accomplishment, maintain social status, keep oneself engaged in a worthwhile activity instead of idling around or to gain association to something. While every person's reason to work might be slightly different from others, it usually consists of a few, if not all, among the ones discussed above. This therefore means that remuneration is not the only source of motivation in today’s workplace. As a matter of fact, motivation factors have increased and it is becoming increasingly difficult to point out the motivating factors and more complex to understand. People in the past could have worked solely for remuneration and that their main purpose was to fulfill their insatiable needs with the money that they earned. This is majorly because their approach to life what quite simple and different from ours. This has however changed a great deal over the years and with the evolution of computers and internet technology, we have entered into the era knowledge.…show more content…
Today's employers are more aware about the need to treat and handle their employees with due respect to their individuality and their individual needs. Moreover, in modern work places, there is the Human Resource Department that is specifically tasked to look into and address factors that motivate employees with the sole purpose of improving performance in the workplace. The motivation factors are then classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic and are recognized and rewarded accordingly (Frey & Osterloh,
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