Importance Of Multicultural Awareness Curriculum Issues

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Multicultural Awareness Curriculum Issues Feelings about the Letter Ethnic and cultural differences in the educational field have brought controversy, from its denial until its rating as an educational resource (Chin, 2013). When talking about cultural differences in education is defined as a conceptual and value system that includes the beliefs and expectations, patterns, routines, behaviors and habits created and maintained by a group and that are used and modified by that group. Grouped and regulate relations between people, things and nature (Banks, 2006). It is necessary to survive as a group and facilitate communication knowledge in order to better collaborate as community and create a healthier environment surround our children. Multicultural awareness it is a hard topic to discuss, because involves a personal own believes and plays an important part in the own opinions, but as an administrator (public server) it is imperative to maintain the own believes and opinions away in order to be equitable with all. In this letter, created a mix of emotions as a person, it gave the feeling of a person that do not accept the multiculturalism or can perceived as “racist”. My family is compose by a diversity of cultures and upsets me that we still experienced this types of views. Now, as public server I need to embrace every opinion and respect it, even when it is not a common view, and as this parent mentions he has a multicultural household and seems not embracing his wife’s
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