Importance Of Multilingualism

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Multilingualism is the capacity of a speaker to write, talk and function in two or more distinct language communities. “ you probably know that many parents are jumping on the bandwagon of introducing their child to a second language. Whether it’s Latin, Mandarin, Spanish or any other language, parents everywhere are insisting that Multilanguage children have an edge over kids who speak only one language. And, this isn’t some elitist craze, the overwhelming thoughts of the experts is that children should really be learning a new language.” – Skila Brown. Multilingualism is a rather difficult topic as it may seems. In this topic we will cover Students’ the importance of learning new languages, Linguistic diversity and the spread of the English language and the spread of English Learning a foreign language. Learning a foreign language is different than what you would expect it’s not something that you just think or discuss and talk about, like rules and theories. It is something that you do in daily basis, like a physical exercise, a little like learning to play the drums the piano or the violin, except that it is easier. Learning any useful and important skill needs a great deal of practice and patience. And since using a language means using sound, you must do much of your practicing aloud. Unless you are learning your new language in your home country where everyone speaks it, you cannot hope to get as many opportunities to practice speaking it as you got when you were

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