Importance Of Multimedia

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Multimedia in today’s society is one of the most important influences in today’s new digital age. Every day we use Multi media. Many people depend on multimedia for everyday usage, whether it is work related or for personal use. The biggest form of multimedia today is the internet not just for social media and research but for commercials’ purposes as well. Multimedia has become a way of life and accepted by many people as a norm.
Visual literacy is the way a person understanding and assessing visual aspects such as images, text, colour and many more things. This allows people to come up with their own unique way of seeing something that they come into contact with. The importance of visual literacy comes to play when develops critique thinking which is the manner of analysing something for your own understanding .Visual literacy is the building blocks for kids from a young age because it helps them to develop visual skills. Adults use visual literacy also every day at work to face every day challenges, such as when they shopping reading or making a decision .Being visually literate helps you to see things in working and personal environment ,without visual literacy we technology and people understanding of concepts would not be the same.
The influence of multimedia has changed the way we communicate. Typography is a commercial way of communicating with people or businesses through text editing. Typography is the creative process of designing and interpreting visual text
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