What Is The Importance Of Multimedia

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Multimedia in today’s society is one of the most important influences in today’s new digital age. Every day we use Multi media. Many people depend on multimedia for everyday usage, whether it is work related or for personal use. The biggest form of multimedia today is the internet not just for social media and research but for commercials’ purposes as well. Multimedia has become a way of life and accepted by many people as a norm.
Visual literacy is the way a person understanding and assessing visual aspects such as images, text, colour and many more things. This allows people to come up with their own unique way of seeing something that they come into contact with. The importance of visual literacy comes to play when develops critique thinking
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It influences us in many ways from actions and even words. Each colour has a different effect on us .we identify colour based on a combination of 3 factors hue, saturation and brightness. Moods of people can change according to the colour they see for example if sooner sees the colour blue they feel calmer and relaxed. Healthy eating habits can be caused by influence of colour. Buying habits of consumers can change based on the colour of the product or service they are consider purchasing .colour isn’t just a shade it helps us to decide in making choices for example if you wanted to paint your house a certain colour your choice would be determined by the mood or the way the colour of your choice makes you…show more content…
The way our society has been influenced by photography is that it has become a must have for many people whether it be to capture a moment they are having or whether it be for business or for any other usage they might need to use it for. There are various principles of photography that contributes towards influencing our society with multimedia. Some of the principles of photography are rule of third, focal point, framing, leading lines, cropping and types of lighting. These principles all contribute to the way people feel about multi media .Once you have understanding of these principles and know how to apply them the relevance is that you will have a much better experience when it comes to photography. The manner that which these principles have a relevance to multimedia is that they all go hand in hand together when people use multimedia it also helps to enhance the experience people feel when engaging with
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