Importance Of Museum Interpretation

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2.3 Museum interpretation Interpretation is important to every museum’s existence because it determines what the public is exposed to, but also how that history is conveyed and the survival of they museum ( Preiss, R. B., 2002). Jones, E. (2008) stated that good interpretatio ncan give enjoyable visiting experience. In addition, according to David and Black (2007); Fanning (2007) that museum interpretation also improve the visitor experience for those visit with children (as cited in Sutcliffe, K., & Kim, S., 2014). The resources in the museum , though seems like same type of object but each of it have their own ideas of good interpretation ( Preiss, R. B., 2002). Meanwhile, Tilden (2007) proposed that there are three stages in site interpretation which are through interpretation there will be understanding, then appreciation, and lastly when there is appreciation, it will be protection (as cited in Thompson, C., 1994). Thompson (1994) added that the material in museum must already have gone through all this staged but the first two stages give more important to the ordinary museum visitors. There are six objective of interpretation as stated by Knudson, Cable, Beck (1995), which are to increase the visitor’s understanding, awareness and appreciation of nature, of heritage, and of site resource; to communicate messages relating to nature and culture, including natural and historical processes, ecological relationships, and human roles in the environment; to involve people

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