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It is the place that contains old stuff from an old time. It is the place where the arts can be found, and it is the area where the culture of the place can be known. Museums are the places that save the rare old objects and present it to the new generation and much more. The museums provide the opportunity to discover the past or the art in a different way; they also inform you with details about what are you seeing at that moment, so it is important to go there and discover. I believe that there is importance of going to the museums because it has infinite benefits while many other people argue that it is not necessary to go to the museum and visit it because there are many others ways to discover old life.
It is important to visit that building that introduces the old historical life because it has a different taste when you see the objects in front of you. These old objects which are related to the arts or culture of a place are all placing in one place, are given the opportunity to see them in reality. Based on the museums facts by the
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Museums are a source of inspiration, and a good place to think deeply about is around and to save the culture. For that reason, people should go and visit that place to relate the old and the new life together, to think and develop the objects and the life. It also shows how the life changed and how it will continue to change in the future. “Museums ensure understanding and appreciation of various groups and cultures,“ according to what Joan Wages in “Why Museums Are Important.”Nevertheless, some people are saying that it is not important to visit the museums because, they think that they will not gain any advantages behind going to it, and it will not change anything in their knowledge while in fact there are good sides behind that

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