Importance Of Music Classes In Schools

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Why are music classes mandatory subjects in schools? They really aren’t as beneficial as people believe they are. Music classes shouldn’t be required because they’re replaceable, unnecessary, and sometimes harmful to students who don’t want to take them. All of these cancel out any “benefits” that mandatory music classes have. Electives are fine, but as mandatory classes, they’re either worthless or harmful. Music classes serve no purpose in schools and are essentially replaceable. This is because most adults either forget how to play their instruments or never use it in real life unless it’s part of a career or passion. What’s the use of knowledge that fades away and makes no contribution? A editor surveyed adults who had taken music classes before, and most of them either disposed of their instrument or have forgotten how to play it. Even music teacher Elissa Milne says that music is an activity to enjoy in the same category as chess or painting. It’s not something you’ll absolutely need in your life like math or reading is. In addition, whenever a school faces financial problems, fine arts classes like music are usually the first to be cut, and this has happened to about 80% of schools in the USA ( Some people claim this is a bad thing, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. Music classes are cut because they are classes that schools can afford to lose, and none of these schools have suffered without them. Furthermore, we can experience the
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