Importance Of Music Education

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The Importance of Music Education in Elementary Schools “Throughout history, philosophers, religious leaders, aristocrats, and civic officials have described music education as a necessary component of society [and life]” (Abril and Brent). Yet, when budget cuts are made in school districts, the elementary school music programs are one of the first considered for elimination (Clayton). “…The significance of music in school[s] goes beyond music as an art” (Walker, 153). Obtaining a musical education in elementary school prepares the way for later success in society, school, developing intelligences, and in life. Music prepares students for success in society, of which music is a part of (MENC). “…every human culture uses music to carry forward its ideas and ideals” (MENC). Music education is beneficially important, especially in this country, where music has carried forward society and brought the people into new times. If children are not taught music at an early age, then they will have a harder time understanding the past and benefiting the future. Society consists of many different cultures and races, and a music education teaches students to respect these other ethnicities (Phillips). “A study of the arts provides children with an internal glimpse of other cultures and teaches them to be empathetic towards the people of these cultures. This development of compassion and empathy…provides a bridge across cultural chasms that leads to respect of other races at an early
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