Essay On Rationale Of Music In School

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Music is proved being the potent part of our life as its cherishing nature and purpose is unquestionable. It is an activity having multiple and long lasting affects; experienced among people of all ages. As a universal component of all the cultures, music is said to be more instinct form of speech than any other language.
Music is a non-verbal communication which imparts feelings, ideas and images using sound and symbols. It can also portray culture and history of a country and even the moods of the people.
Music lovers are engaged in listening or making music through distinctive ways primarily based on sound pattern and sequence. The significance of music has already been scientifically proved as the only form of art
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Consulting the former teacher will help to determine the level at which the teacher should begin with. Classroom discussions and previous assessment records can be a source of assistance for the teacher.
Rationale of Music in school:
It is very important for the music teachers to be well aware of the reason why music is incorporated in academics. As the music teachers should have a clear idea of the aims and objectives, themes, strategies and resources to be used as per school policies. The planning guide will be a source of help to plan a unit effectively.
Variety of approaches:
The teacher should have multiplicity in teaching methodologies and activities in his lesson plans. For instance
• Variety of Thematic songs as per school Value Education and monthly themes.
• Wide range of listening and performing activities.
• Elements of music and music notation activities for developing kinesthetic skills.
• Music listening and rhythm composing activities for critical thinking
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