Importance Of Music In Education

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Twice a year I participate in piano festival. It is sponsored by an organization called the Upper Valley Music Teachers Association (UVMTA), which consists of music teachers from Eastern Idaho. Festival is an event where students learn and memorize two pieces. They then play them in front of a judge and are given a numerical score with a maximum being one hundred. I first participated in festival with Vanessa Beard as my teacher and received three perfect hundreds; however, Vanessa quit teaching and I had to find a new teacher. I now participate in festival with Jessica Murdock as my teacher, I am achieving heights like never before. She has taught me valuable performance skills and how to make music out of notes on a page. These skills were put to use on one of the most agonizing and stressful days of my life. I have always struggled selecting songs to learn for festival, but last year, I found that it was remarkably easy. At lessons one week, Jessica…show more content…
For fear of disappointment, I hesitated to sign up but decided to take a risk. The anticipation of the upcoming competition totally changed my outlook as well as my practicing. I had my songs learned and memorized but not to a competition level, so I practiced even more to polish and put the finishing touches on my songs. Festival came, and I decided to use it as a warm-up for the competition. I knew that the recital would take place on the same piano and in the same room festival was in. Every piano is different and without playing it, it's hard to know if the pedal squeaks. Playing the piano for festival would give me experience and a feel for the peculiarities of it. On festival day to calm my nerves I thought to myself, “This doesn’t mean anything. This is just practice for the recital.” I earned a score of 98 at festival and was ecstatic. The judge had said nothing but praise and awarded me a good score. This gave me a boost of confidence going into the

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