Importance Of Music In English Language

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Abstract What is the most important student’s feature in learning languages Is to be persistent? How can information can be recorded upon an unconscious level with the help of numerous repeating? How can this repetition be interesting? Here is where a magical power of music comes into play. Music, chosen upon listener’s taste, can be played numerous amounts of times, unlike any conversation or dialogue repeated same amount of times. This project will be applied on 20 students from the Canadian Institute in the city of Jubail. All students have an upper- beginners English level. Students will be divided 2 groups of 10 people in each. Each group will have same texts to learn. The difference from the first group will be that their materials will…show more content…
Introduction Music is an extended language with no limits, therefore it helps people to find a common ground despite of their cultural background. Music can play a valuable role for English language beginners in improving their listening and speaking skills. It helps to extend vocabulary and to learn words and phrases in a fun and easy way. Well chosen music will remain in the mind of a listener for significant period of time, which will help them to break routine and to turn it into fun and engaging process. Here is how Purcell (1992) emphasized the role of music in learning “students sometimes get bored with listening to a dialogue or narration repeatedly as they attempt to understand the meaning of new words or phrases in context, doing the same thing with a song often seems less monotonous because of the rhythm and…show more content…
According to Ostojic (1987), songs can help learners because the rhymes in songs provide listeners with a recurrence of similar sounds. When the students choose to listen to songs time and again, they indirectly expose them to these sounds, repeating them, getting better at recognizing them, and finally producing them. Lo and Li (1998) add that songs play an important role in motivating the L2 learners to learn English.Language learning through English songs helps break the traditional methods of the usual. Nation (1985) emphasizes the Listening to the music’s benefits; students are better able to make connections to the vocabulary and other grammatical concepts in class without having to simply resort to the tediousness of the more traditional methods (Ibid).Significance of Research The current study will give us an opportunity to test theoretical knowledge, which was learnt and written above, and to place them in a real world environment. It will narrow down theoretical broad knowledge about music influence to our specific needs, which is: small focus groups of the Beginners and specific music materials. By doing this we will receive concrete results, which are demanded by our project.
Research Question The project aims to answer the following questions:
1- Why is English song a good way to learn English for beginners?
2- What are the skills acquired through hearing English songs?
3- What is the role of music in the retrieval of information in the mind of the

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