Importance Of Music In Goa

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Goa a small state of India but is full of lots of riches and culture and one of the most important thing what we Goans can’t live without is music. We as Goans love music without music we can’t start of our any function of celebration
Goans like to expresses their felling through music and dance, and that the reason that we have different type’s songs sang for different type of occasion
Music runs through the blood of every Goan and this seed is planned from a very young age. Music is encouraged whether it is singing, playing instruments or just creating beats.
And if we go to see there are around 35 types of different, not only in the houses but for all occasion. The talented Goan musicians are popular in India mostly in the film industry. And this music makes all ages up on the dance floor and gets them start dancing.
And down below are some of the Goan instruments, songs and musician which add up to our Goan culture

Instruments of Goa

The instruments used in Goa are the Dhol, Mridanga, Ghumat, Kasale, Madlem, Shehnai, Surt, Tarso, Nagado and Tumbura are some of the instruments use by the Goan of different types of occasion. These instruments were used before coming of the Portuguese. Later the Portuguese introduced the Goan with western instruments such as the Piano, Mandolin, violin and guitar.
Now days the Goans use different types of instrument like the keyboard, electronic guitar, fluit, saxophone and many more.
The Dho: Dhol is a two

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