Reflective Essay: My Experience As A Music Therapist

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Throughout my childhood, I was encouraged to play some sort of instrument or something that I was interested.But I was naive to the purpose of learning how to play something.My words were that’s been hard enough to learn in that time I could be doing more important activities.While other children were involved in school activities I’ve focused more on my education than to go out and explore the world.In which I would do once in a while ,I did enjoy the outdoors, playing but I didn’t have many friends to play with. From sometime growing up, my aunts tried to force me to get in and sing that simply wasn’t my thing.Even I enjoyed listening and singing along to my jams on the radio and in the car.What I was cautious about being the rhythms and lyrics to each song I played over and over again.Later I found a passion, art.Art I…show more content…
The global context In my opinion fit in my project is personal and cultural expressions.This focus more on feeling and creative in which is the way you express yourself through the music you prefer and letting all the stress slip away with each song you
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