How Music Affect People

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Sounds and Music has spread to such an extent that it is affecting everyone in the modern era. Everyone enjoys listening to music despite of any religious or cultural background. Let us first define the word Music. defines music in the following words: "An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color”. Sounds and Music play an important role in my country. Different styles of music and sound effect people in many ways. The different styles could be different in religion, culture, and their messages towards the public. Because of the many styles, many questions are found concerning how different music effect people in different ways. Every country has its own unique sounds and music as a form of culture. My…show more content…
They have their own unique style of using it in a proper way. These days we can see sounds and smell is being used in terms of educating people as well as in politics. We have seen and listen to many songs that gives a good message to the world so that people can be aware of which is so mush important in the 21st century. People also use music to protest against the monopoly system and bureaucrats if they fell that they have been suppressed or discarded from their own rights and facilities. Like for example we can have banana song which express a lot. For people who just take sound as entertainment that song might be just a random boring one but if you know the lyrics and understand the meaning you will have the clear vision of what the writer and the sound wants to say and indeed one will have Goosebumps for sure. I think when you have better weapons as sounds and smells than swords and guns then one do not have to show the aggression, violence and unnatural behavior to fight against or protest. This will directly help in maintaining silent and peace in the

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