Importance Of Music In My Life

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Although my life has been only about seventeen years long, there have been many events and moments throughout my life that have shaped and created the person that people see in front of them today. From all of my passions and activities I 'm involved in. I would say my life has been a very eventful one.
One moment would be finding out my passion of music. I have always loved things relating to music from vocals to instruments and to the creative melody is that come with it. Music has always been a part of my life from my family to me joining band in middle school. I remember getting an instrument of my own which was a ukulele. It was a gift from my grandmother. which was her ukulele. It was a gift from my grandmother. Also being Filipino or Asian karaoke is a common thing in my life. Every Filipino party would have karaoke and everyone would enjoy it. Music has made an impact in my life as it brings me peace and helps me think. I get a connection from the music to help me complete daily activities and tasks. This is a fun thing to do in general to create and listen to music.
A second moment would be dancing. As well as music dancing comes in to play. I have always been exposed to dancing for my brother was a dancer in high school. He had many performances and you will always show me the call moves that he would learn
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I thought a lot of freedom from driving although I was intimidated at first, but it is an amazing experience. You can go anywhere and everywhere. It was also quite relaxing for being on the road opens up my mind. As I continue to learn to drive, I will get my license soon. I had an amazing experience to be able to drive in Hawaii. I drove a jeep on the island and it was relaxing seeing all the different scenery and beauties of the island. I 'm driving almost everyday when I 'm out there. It is so much different compared to the city life, because everything is just so natural out
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