Importance Of My Best Friend

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As I looked on my phone at a photo of me and my friends outside of the movies- Lena, Alize, Jordan, Sandra, Mary, Ariana and me. The last time we would all be together… in a long time. With their frozen smiles and mid-laughs, and don't forget all those hilarious faces we made! I realized something important: I’m going to miss those guys. The people who I’ve talked, laughed, joked, and everything else with, almost every single day. The bond we had made was strong and I hoped that it would be stronger through distance. Because if not it would be the most tragic event ever- I would lose my best friends. As I looked closer at the photo, my eyes wondered to my friend Alize. We have known each other since first grade, but more like the summer between…show more content…
I wouldn’t change a thing about her. About anyone of my friends really. She’s kind, fun, and outgoing along with more brilliant traits that I can't name right now since I would be writing here all day!. She’s also the type of person to bring in munchkins for her friends (Jordan and I) to have a going away celebration at lunch. And with the rest of my friends (including Alize) we never had fights or disagreements with each other.... besides my sister, Jordan (but to be fair all siblings fight time to time!) ...Well, besides a conflict between what really happened in the movie Big Hero 6, but we resolved that issue quickly, in less than ten minutes. Alize and I both have our similarities and our differences. For example we both play sports so we both can relate on how much hard work you have to do. And same with having siblings except the only difference is that she has seven (but maybe more) while I have one. One difference though is that she gets to travel around alot (some places even out of the country, like just two weeks ago she went to Canada) while I don’t even have a passport. But it's always fun to talk about her

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