Importance Of My Career In Information Technology

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Believing in yourself means evaluating your competencies of doing something or to be able to achieve your goals. My parents always projected myself as a doctor or a lawyer, however those careers never gain my interest, perhaps my interest was always been in a technical side because technology has always inspires me in various departments, especially when it comes to internet technology, digital information exchange, cyber warfare and cyber security. I always inquisitive about how cyber world operates and how the infrastructure is designed. How routing protocol carries the message and delivers it correctly at the given address. How cyber criminals intercept the connection or hack the personal information. There are a lot of factors that amazes me about the internet world therefore, I decided to choose my career in Information technology (IT) to become a cyber-security Analyst so I can fight against cyber criminals. I was twenty four years old when I decided to make IT as my career path at that time I had very limited technical knowledge in information technology however, my personal belief and the passion of learning was very strong and it always encourages me to stay focused in information technology field. I started the journey of career as a help desk tier 1 support personal at pharmaceutics international. It was a golden opportunity for me to step-in the technology world. This position helped me sharpened my technical skills by resolving day to day technical issues and
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